Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Non-Bolly Film and Book Rec

This week's film is: The Last Supper starring Cameron Diaz, Ron Eldard, Annabeth Gish, Courtney Vance, Bill Paxton, etc.

This movie is a great black comedy about a group of friends sharing a house while they complete their graduate studies. When one of the friend's car breaks down one night, he gets a ride home from Bill Paxton's character and they invite him to stay for dinner. The conversation turns political and Bill Paxton's character is revealed to be not so nice to the point that he attacks one of the friends and the others accidentally kill him while trying to stop him. After they bury him in the garden they start to think that since they rid the world of one bad person, perhaps they should keep doing so every Sunday night after dinner. What follows is a hilarious series of dinners where they lead the chosen person into conversation giving the person a chance to save or condemn themselves based on the views they profess. Just how crowded will the garden get? Watch the movie and find out. I love a good serial killer comedy, don't you?

This week's book recommendation is a series by Karen Marie Moning, The Fever Series beginning with Dark Fever.

This is an urban fantasy series that takes place in a Dublin where Faeries exist but only certain mortals know about it and Faeries aren't exactly the cute little creatures with wings that we've been told they are. The story focuses on the heroine, MacKayle Lane, who goes to Dublin looking for answers to her twin sister's murder only to find a lot more than she bargained for. MacKayla is your typical 20-something, southern belle with not a lot going on upstairs it would seem from first glance but she becomes quite a bad ass as the series goes on (she's a heroine very much in the Buffy tradition).

The hero of the series is hot, hot, hot. He's dangerous and mysterious and sexy, just as he should be. Four books in and I still can't figure out exactly who he is or what he's really up to which is great. So many books are too predictable but not these.

This is not a series like the Anita Blake books which are just an excuse for the heroine to have sex with as many characters as possible. In fact, there's very little of that. It's a great read and will keep you interested from first word to last. I couldn't put the books down and can't wait from one to the next for them to be released. There are 5 in all with the fifth coming out this December. So, start reading now and you'll be ready for the big finale!


ajnabi said...

Darkfever sounds like an interesting read, and thanks for the Anita Blake disclaimer. I checked those out on others' fervent recommendations and... Multiple orgies are just not my thing. Sad to say. Speaking of urban fantasy, have you read Sunshine by Robin McKinley? I'm almost positive that's her only urban fantasy book, but it's one of my very favorites and my paperback copy literally split in half from over-reading. :-D

Christy said...

I have not read Sunshine but I read the Blue Sword and its companion book that I can't remember right now by Robin McKinley when I was 12 or 13. I loved those and keep meaning to read her other stuff. I will definitely add Sunshine to my list!

Ness said...

I remember seeing The Last Supper YEARS ago - for some reason I remember...tomatoes? It's one of those ones that I think at the time we watched like every day for a week and for some reason forgot about for the next several years - will have to seek it out again!