Friday, March 19, 2010

Coming Soon...or soonish? Reviews take me awhile, OK?!

I am hoping in the next couple of weeks to have in-depth discussions of Dil Se, Maya Memsaab and Asoka up on the blog. This is ambitious for me to say all three in the next couple of weeks but I can't stop thinking about all of them and I need to get my thoughts out. Hopefully, some of you will participate in the discussion!

These are three of my favorite SRK films and all of them so rich in symbolism that they are a former literature major's dream come true. So, hopefully, good things in the works!


Anishok said...

Oooh, can't wait! Will definitely participate in all the discussions. Dil Se may be my favorite film of all time...Asoka is a favorite and while I'm conflicted about Maya Memsaab, it's still a great watch.

Pitu said...

What Ani said! Esp looking fwd to Maya discussion!

ajnabi said...

I'm looking forward to Asoka in particular. I haven't seen it addressed very much in the blogosphere and I adore it. SO GOOD.