Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What's Your Rashee?..Ugh! What's Your Point?

I really wanted to like this movie. I thought it might be one of those that I really liked despite what everyone else said about it...uh, yeah, no. Overly long, overly boring, overly bad...I don't think it really deserves a review beyond that so I will simply post my tweets from watching it yesterday.

1. Ok, here we go...what's your Rashee on instant netflix... maybe, if I can get a signal. I hate Comcast much of the time.

2. Seriously? A disclaimer about Astrology? God forbid you would offend astrologers and their followers.

3. I think me visiting India would be international incident waiting to happen as I rather enjoy pissing off people who are easily offended

4. Well, theme song sucks. let's see how much worse it gets

5. have to give them some leeway since they actually shot Chicago scenes in my beloved city :)

6. Harman Baweja cannot act and he looks nothing like Hrithik on screen so maybe he should just give up now.

7. What's Your Rashee? More like What's Your Point? Ashutosh... first the awards show outburst then this, when did u lose your mind?

8. Why Harman gets a lead role and someone like Kunal Kapoor does not is a mystery to me.

9. Why oh why are there 12 zodiac signs?

10. Oi vey! I've only made it half way. I've begun to rhyme, can't be a good sign. A rhyme and pun all in one. Help me!

11. The internet gods may have intervened. Lost the feed from Netflix.

12. What's Your Rashee actually broke my Tivo. Had to unplug to get it going again.

13. I will finish this movie. It has now become an epic quest!

14. Priyanka is too skinny!

15. Having fantasies of Kareena walking on screen and pushing Priyanka into the pool...and I don't even like Kareena but this movie is BAD!

16. Thank God that's over. Long, pointless vanity project.

I'm sure I should be offended by the whole, every woman looks the same thing and he doesn't even know who he's marrying at the ceremony, but I just don't have the energy left after watching it to care.

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Sami Saayer said...

lol. i havent seen it. dont wanna see it.
i felt the same way watching kareena kapoors 'khushi'.