Friday, February 26, 2010

70s Bollywood Youtube Style

Since 70s Week is drawing to a close and I feel that watching Sholay and Zanjeer aren't really getting me into the spirit of the fabulousness of the 70s, I decided try something different tonight. I went to youtube, typed in 70s Bollywood and went through the results picking out the ones I thought were the most fun.

This first video is from a movie called Star and I liked it because it reminded me of how I wanted to be a Solid Gold Dancer when I was a kid.

The next one is from the Bollywood version of The Exorcist, Jadu Tona. I think the reason I like it should be self-explanatory, especially when you get to about 0:53. Must be a Lionel Ritchie demon!

In this video, you have 70s fabulous Bolly ladies and PUPPETS!!! Faboo!

Funky video from Hare Rama Hare Krishna starring Zeenat Aman and Dev Anand. She wears some pink sunglasses I would kill for and he wears a poncho I would not. Plus, a bunch of people smoke a lot of pot!

And, finally, because you must have known I would find a way to fit SRK into 70s week, video of him talking about Bollywood in the 70s from around the time OSO came out.

I used to hate 70s fashions but they seem to be growing on me as I get older. Maybe it's just that, as a toddler growing up in a small town in Central Illinois during the 70s, I was never BollyFabulous. My mom however, had this one green polyester jumpsuit...

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Beth said...

Fuuuuuun! Somehow Jadu Tona has never crossed my radar before, but it might have to!